Fall 2021 Climate Talks Series

Happy 2021 fall semester! We’re happy to invite you to the YUFA Climate Emergency Committee’s (YCEC) next Climate Talk entitled Tackling climate change via changes in energy use: Insights from research on human needs, need satisfiers and participatory workshops with Dr. Lina Brand Correa on Friday September 17 at 1PM

About the Climate Talks series:  The Climate Talks series highlights the scholarship, research and activism of scholars and climate organizers across York University and beyond. The aims of this series are to advance the discussion on climate issues and to build a strong community of people in order to collectively strategize for climate action at York University and through YCEC.  YCEC was created by the York University Faculty Association to address climate issues and advance climate actions and activities at York University. Working with staff and students, YCEC is building a strong coalition of researchers and activists concerned with the climate emergency.  

EVENTBRITE: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/ycec-climate-talks-series-tickets-152850087727

Upcoming YCEC Meetings and Talks:
October 8th: YCEC Climate Meeting – Please join us to learn more about YCEC and how to get involved!
November 26th: Climate Change and Growing the Planthroposcene with Dr. Natasha Myers

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