RAIR Digital Dialogues Podcast out now!

RAIR has been in dialogue with many amazing folks to explore Indigenous land rematriation and land sharing within the context of ongoing settler colonialism here in so-called Canada. Through these dialogues we’ve been learning about Indigenous laws, languages, governance systems, relationships to land, food sovereignty practices and how land relations are being (re)imagined.

We hope that this podcast series can help to deepen understanding around and build support for Indigenous-led land, food, and climate action.

Website: https://raircollective.squarespace.com/dialogues

Find us on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/1CeMzbbeExq4ZzyoPi5Ueb?si=d-PByPW5SeWg2uTkkYbJcA…

And on Apple Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/rair-digital-dialogues/id1614444694

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  1. Mara Shaw says:

    I’m loving RAIR! Tuesday’s episode with Anne Spice was outstanding. The final 5 min about the individualization of “guilt-driven concern” vs real collective activism (which requires connections) could be an episode all to itself.
    Thank you for the clear reminder of how relentless the corporate/govt incursion into sovereignty is.


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