Ph.D.          Department of Geography, University of Guelph, 2017

Dissertation: Digging into Industrial Food Systems: A Study of Socio-Ecological Diversity in Conventional Agriculture Supervisor: Evan Fraser

M.E.S.        Environmental Studies, York University, 2011

B.A.           Environmental Studies & Management (Honours), University of Toronto, 2008


2018          Postdoctoral Fellow, A Shared Future Program of Research, Queens University  Prof. Heather Castleden

2017          Postdoctoral Fellow, Food from Thought, Arrell Food Institute, University of Guelph  Prof. Evan Fraser

2017          Research Associate, Conservation as Reconciliation Major SSHRC Research Project, University of Guelph  Prof. Robin Roth

2010          Research Associate (Environmental Planning), Bioregional Disaster Management, CUI-Philippines

2007-09     Project Manager, 8 – 80 Cities, Toronto


Peer reviewed articles

2019 Rotz, S. et al. Critical Perspectives on the Political Economy of Big Data in Agriculture. Sociologia Ruralis.

2019 Rotz, S. et al. Automated pastures and the digital divide: How agricultural technologies are shaping labour and rural communities. Journal of Rural Studies.

2018 Rotz, S. & Kepkiewicz, L. Settler Colonialism and the (Im)possibilities of a national food policy. Canadian Food Studies (CFS).

2018 Kepkiewicz, L. & Rotz, S. TowardAnti-Colonial Food Policy in Canada? A Reflection on the People’s Food Policy Project. Canadian Food Studies (CFS).

2018    Weersink, A., Fraser, E., Pannell, D., Duncan, E., and Rotz, S. Opportunities and Challenges for Big Data in Agricultural and Environmental Analysis. Annual Review of Resource Economics.

2017    Rotz, S. ‘They Took Our Beads, It Was a Fair Trade, Get over It’: Settler Colonial Logics, Racial Hierarchies and Material Dominance in Canadian Agriculture. Geoforum 82: 158–69.

2017    Rotz, S. Drawing lines in the cornfield: an analysis of discourse and identity relations across agri-food networks. Agriculture and Human Values.

2017    Rotz, S., Fraser, E. D. G., Martin, R. Situating Tenure, Capital and Finance in Farmland Relations: implications for stewardship and agroecological health in Ontario. Journal of Peasant Studies.

2015     Rotz, S., & Fraser, E. D. G. Resilience and the industrial food system: analyzing the impacts of agricultural industrialization on food system vulnerability. Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences, 5, 459–473.

2014     Rotz, S. REDD’ing Forest Conservation: The Philippine Predicament. Capitalism Nature Socialism 25 (2): 43–59.

Book chapters

2018    Rotz, S. and Fraser, E. D. G. The Limits of Sustainability and Resilience Frameworks: Lessons from agri-food system research. In S. Bell, & S. Morse (Eds), The Routledge Handbook of Sustainable Indicators. Routledge. New York; London.

Popular publications

2018           Soil health in Canada, Radio Interview on the CBC Morning Edition, November 13.

2018           Canada’s soils are in crisis. The Hill Times, November 7.

2018           We can do much more to improve soil health in Canada. Rural Delivery, October.

2018           How Ontario’s latest Soil Health Strategy falls short. Ontario Farmer, September 11.

2016           Kepkiewicz, L & Rotz, S. Toward Anti-Colonial Food Policy in Canada?A reflection on the People’s Food Policy Project. Food, Equity and ActivismStudy Team (FEAST), University of Toronto, August 15.

2015           The Myopia of the ‘Food Price’ Story.Feeding 9 Billion blog.

2012           Rotz, S. & Lockhart, A. Horizontality, Youth and the (De)Occupation of Colonization and Capitalism. In Depape, B. (Ed.), Power of Youth: Youth and community-led activism in Canada, Our Schools Our Selves Series, Ottawa: Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.

2012           Environmental Injustice & Resistance: Why we need to support KI. Intercontinental Cry & Z Communications.


2018           Privilege & Oppression in Agriculture. Seminar Instructor. Everdale Farm. May 11.

2018           Our Food in a Changing Climate, Environment Hamilton Speaker Series. May 17.

2017           Agriculture, Technology & Sustainability. Ag 4.0.1: The Next Big Thing Summit. Meaford, November 24.

2017           Restoring Resilience, Regenerating the Farm. 48th Annual National Farmers Union Convention: Farm Renewal. Ottawa, November 23.

2017           Building Understanding and Awareness about Systemic Inequities in our Food System. Sustain Ontario Bring Food Home Conference, Ottawa, October 28.

2017           Sustainability and Resilience in the Food System. Christian Farmers Federation of Ontario AgriDay. Country Heritage Park, October 17.

2017           Land Relations: Risks in the context of climate change. Multi-stakeholder Agri-food Initiative (MAFI).  University of Guelph, May 1.

2016           Toronto Public Health & Transform TO Food Innovation Lab on Climate, Food and Health, Metro Hall, Toronto, July 22.

2015           Food Systems in Context. Engineers Without Boarders, Ottawa, January 16.

2012           Eco-Neoliberalism and Carbon Governance. Powershift, Ottawa, October 26-29.

2010           Planning for Disasters in a Filipino Context: Equity and Sustainability. York International Internship Panel, York University November 15.

2010           Disaster Management and Climate Change Adaptation. Philippine Information Agency Journalism Conference. Iloilo, Philippines, July 10.


Sessions & Events Organized

2017           Content developer and coordinator, CBC Ideaspanel event and live recording on Food Security: Canadian and Global Perspectives, University of Guelph,October 27th.

2017           Chair, Mother Earth versus Father Time: Exploring the growing tension between economic growth and sustainability, ENGAGE Conference, Department of Sociology &Anthropology, University of Guelph, March 25.

2017           Chair, From the Field to the Landfill: A Panel on Food Systems. OPIRG Social and Environmental Justice Symposium, University of Guelph, March 25.

2016           Chair, Perspectives on Food Panel, Canadian Association of Geographers (CAG), Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, May 30-June 4.

2015           Freedom to Learn: Challenging the Education Paradigm in Ontario. OPIRG Social and Environmental Justice Symposium, University of Guelph, March 13-14.


2017           Toward Diversification in Socio-ecological Systems Governance. Canadian Association of Geographers (CAG), York University, May 29-June 2.

2017           Toward Anti-Colonial Food Policy in Canada? A reflection on the People’s Food Policy Project. American Association of Geographers (AAG). Boston, April 5-9.

2017           Situating Tenure, Capital and Finance in Farmland Relations: Implications for stewardship and agroecological health in Ontario. American Association of Geographers(AAG). Boston, April 5-9.

2016           Exploring Settler Colonial Logics and Racial Hierarchies in Canadian Farming Communities. Decolonizing Conference, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), University of Toronto, November 3-5.

2016           “They took our beads, it was a fair trade, get over it”: Settler colonial logics, racial hierarchies and material dominance in Neoliberal Agriculture. FoodSecure Canada, Ryerson University, October 13-16.

2016           Farmland Flexing and Land Grabbing: Connecting the dots. XIV World Congress of Rural Sociology, Ryerson University, August 10-14.

2016           Farmland Neoliberalization and Socio-Ecological Resilience in Ontario Agri-food:Implications for food system transformation. Canadian Association for Food Studies (CAFS), University of Toronto Scarborough, June 22-26.

2016           Identity, Subjectivity and the White Settler Farmer: Methodologies for exploring settler colonial agri-foodscapes. Canadian Association for Food Studies (CAFS), University of Toronto Scarborough, June 22-26.

2016           Flexing Farmland: Connecting land tenure, consolidation and agroecological health. Canadian Association of Geographers (CAG), Saint Mary’s University, Halifax,May 30-June 4.

2016           Flexibilizing Farmland: Linking neoliberal trajectories to agroecological health in Ontario agriculture. Waterloo Food Issues Group (WatFIG), University of Waterloo, April22.

2015           Examining the role of Farm Size in an Industrial Food System: A dilemma for food sovereignty? Canadian Association for Food Studies (CAFS), University ofOttawa, May 30-June 2.

2014           Resilience and the North American Food System: Assessing the impacts of agricultural industrialization on the vulnerability of the food system to climate change. Association of Environmental Studies and Sciences (AESS) Conference, PACE University, New York City, June 10-14.

2011           Deconstructing Carbon Governance and its impacts on Philippine Forests. Environmental Studies Association of Canada (ESAC), Congress 2011, University of New Brunswick, May 27-29.

2011           REDDs and Forest Conservation in the Philippines. Canadian Council for Southeast Asian Studies (CCSEAS), University of Toronto, October 14-15.


Instructor, Arrell Food Institute, University of Guelph

Graduate Scholars Program (fall/winter 2017)

Instructor, Department of Geography, University of Guelph

Food System Sustainability & Security (fall 2015 & 2016)

Instructor, Department of Geography, University of Guelph

Geography Field Research Course: Vancouver Island (summer 2014)

Teaching Assistant

Applied Qualitative Methods

University of Guelph (winter 2014)

Global Environmental Change

University of Guelph (fall 2013)

Engaging People and the Environment

York University (fall/winter 2009)


2017          Research Associate, Food System Sustainability Research Project Department of Plant Agriculture, Profs. Ralph Martin and Rod MacRae

2017          Research Associate, Food Justice Network, Sustain Ontario               Dr. Phil Mount     

2017          Research Assistant, Geography Program and Curriculum Revitalization, University of Guelph

2013-17     Research Assistant, Feeding 9 Billion Research Lab, University of Guelph