I am an incoming Assistant Professor in the Department of Social Science at York University. I am also finishing up a Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Department of Geography at Queens University as part of the CIHR funded ‘A SHARED Future’ project. As a settler scholar-activist, my work focuses on political ecologies of land and food systems, settler colonial patriarchy, and concepts of sovereignty and justice related to food, water and energy, and the ecosystems that support them. I hold a PhD in Geography from the University of Guelph and a Master’s in Environmental Studies from York University.

I have published on topics ranging from the political economy of farmland tenure and critical perspectives of big data in agriculture, to the ways that settler colonial logics and gendered narratives uphold extractive practices and relationships on the land.

My current research explores the processes by which Indigenous and settler communities are working to develop alliances toward advancing sustainable food systems grounded in principals of food justice and Indigenous sovereignty. As part of a newly awarded Insight Development Grant, a collective of settler and Indigenous farmers, researchers and community-based collaborators will explore how feminist, community-based, (de)(anti)colonial methodologies can be applied to understand and build alliances between settler and Indigenous nations working toward food sovereignty in ways that contribute to Indigenous struggles for land and self-determination, and in particular, that address questions regarding the rematriation of Indigenous lands.

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