Sarah Rotz is a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Geography at Queens University as part of the CIHR funded ‘A SHARED Future’ project. As a settler scholar-activist, Sarah’s work focuses on political ecologies of land and food systems, settler colonial patriarchy, and concepts of sovereignty and justice related to food, water and energy, and the ecosystems that support them. Sarah has a PhD in Geography from the University of Guelph and has published on topics ranging from the political economy of farmland tenure and critical perspectives of big data in agriculture, to the ways that settler colonial logics and gendered narratives uphold extractive practices and relationships on the land. Her current research critically explores how settler and Indigenous relationships are emerging through land-based, Indigenous energy sovereignty projects across Canada.

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Put an egg on it…

The first tip that has proved incredibly helpful in both reusing leftovers and creating something that still tastes new and different while adding little or no extra time to the process of heating the leftover up themselves is to simply fry up an egg or two (in any sort of oil or fat) and place it on top. I recently did this while my sister was visiting (when trying to use up some leftover curry for a quick meal), and she was blown away with how tasty and easy the dish was. Add a few avocado slices or some homemade quick and easy naan bread (which I’ll share later) to finish it off, and it can completely transform what might feel like boring leftovers–from chili, stir-fry or rice, to stew, curry or roasted veggies.